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In the heart of Kinshasa only 12km from the center of town lies this natural wonder where the city dweller can return to nature for soul soothing relaxation.  One can relax at the bar/restaurant for a while and then explore the sites in the surrounding forest. 
Keep scrolling to see beautiful landscapes and the unique surprises that they hold.
Once at Symphonies Naturelles you can take a number of paths to explore the 200 hectares of forest.  You can also sit by one of the many ponds and try your luck fishing.  Bamboo stands surround the ponds providing cool shade.
You can sit by the water and enjoy a quiet afternoon while aquatic birds visit the pond banks.
Sites you will see as you explore
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Pond bank view


Termite mound

Hillside landscape

Pond reflections

Some of the beautiful surprises one can discover hiding in the forest at 
Symphonies Naturelles
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