At Congo Pages, we offer a diverse range of advertising opportunities tailored to maximize your brand’s visibility and reach. Whether you’re looking to showcase your products, services, or content, we have options to suit your needs. With a significant presence on our website and a Facebook page boasting over 20,000 engaged followers, your message will resonate with a wide audience.

One of our most popular advertising options is our Sponsored Content package. This comprehensive package ensures your message receives prominent and lasting visibility on our platform. Here’s what it includes:

Permanent Presence on the Website: Your sponsored content will have a permanent position on our website, ensuring continued exposure to our audience.

Dofollow Links: You’ll receive one dofollow link to your offer page, boosting your website’s SEO and driving traffic directly to your desired destination. Additionally, you can include up to two additional dofollow links to authoritative websites not affiliated with your business, further enhancing the value of your content.

Generous Character Limit: With up to 6,000 characters of text (approximately 800 words), you have ample space to convey your message effectively and engage our audience with compelling content.

Featured Image: A visually appealing featured image is essential for capturing the attention of our audience. You’ll provide the image, which must be royalty-free or used with proper permission, ensuring compliance with copyright regulations.

Bonus Facebook Promotion: If your sponsored post aligns with the interests of our website’s audience, we may choose to share it on our highly popular Facebook page, amplifying your reach even further.

It’s important to note that all advertising on Congo Pages is subject to our strict Advertising Policy. We uphold high standards to ensure the quality and integrity of our platform. The following categories are unconditionally prohibited:

  • Pornographic or obscene material
  • Weapons or content promoting violence
  • Drug usage, sale, or promotion
  • Illegal products or services
  • Pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick schemes
  • Occult-related material

Certain products and services, such as gambling and pharmaceutical/medical offerings, may be advertised only if valid licensing is provided. Additionally, the sale or promotion of sexually related treatments is strictly prohibited.

We reserve the right to reject or remove advertising that conflicts with our company’s morals and ethics, denigrates our reputation or that of our clients and partners, or competes directly with our company or associated entities. Furthermore, advertisers must ensure that their own websites do not promote products or services on our banned list.

At Congo Pages, we’re committed to providing advertisers with effective and ethical advertising solutions while maintaining the integrity of our platform. Partner with us to elevate your brand and connect with our engaged audience today.