The Most Popular Festivals And Traditions In The Congo

Residents of many countries wish to dive into the Congolese festivals as these festivals include a wonderful celebration of tradition, identity, and joy in the heart of the DRC. It is a suitable time for unveiling the beauty of Congo’s traditional festivities and understanding different cultures. Almost every festival in this country shows how the overall traditions have been successfully passed down through several decades. The following details guide you to know about these festivals.

Festival of Masks – Kifwebe

It is a special celebration among Congolese people. It comes from the Songye people’s tradition. It is like an attractive show with young dancers wearing impressive masks made of wood. Cool patterns in these masks mean different things like spirituality, power, and the important person in the community. All the streets in the country get loud with the best drum beats and the air becomes full of bright colors when dancers do their dances. If you look at these dances, then you can focus on stories of the past of this community and what is important to them at this time.

celebration of tradition

Independence Day

The country became independent from Belgian rule in 1960. This national party is a good time for every resident to feel proud and united. Every street in the nation is full of the national flag and parades with traditional dancing and music. In this festival, families get together for big meals and picnics. The best and most active communities plan different events to remember the notable success achieved by their country. If you decide for discovering the heartbeat of Congo’s traditional festivals now, then you can plan to attend this festival hereafter. You will get memorable experiences from this festival.

Carnival of Lumbumbashi

It is one of the most popular lively celebrations in the DRC. It is an excellent sign of how many Congolese people like music, dance, and being artistic. All the streets of Lumbumbashi get exciting with big floats, bright costumes, and different beats during this festival. Residents from the cities and other places join in this celebration. Artists from Congo and other countries attend this festival and show off their cultural styles. The creative side of this country enjoys this party as it gives artists a chance to express themselves. You can attend this party when you like to experience the magic of Congo’s time-honored festivals with your beloved kith and kin. You will be encouraged to attend this type of event again.