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Quiet rural road
A typical rural road in Bandundu.  Almost all roads in Bandundu are dirt roads. 
During the rainy season many roads become impassable due to the formation of large gullies.
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Log bridge over the Gobari river  Many bridges in Bandundu are locally maintained and are used primarily by travelers on foot or on bicycle.  Here the community has gotten together to gather forest vines and logs to repair the bridge.   For the villagers of Manga this spot on the Gobari river is a popular bathing spot. 
Two friends on a bridge  On small rivers and streams, it is not rare to see a one or two log bridge such as this one.
Hanging vine bridge  In more densely forested valleys one can find hanging bridges.  This one was made by weaving vines and sticks together.
Crossing a plank bridge
 Traveling in the rural areas can be a challenge.   Here, Kayiba lines up his motorcycle on a wooden plank and balances his way across the bridge.   Bridges like this one often require some work before crossing.
Using a dug out canoe to get the motorbike to the other side

On the Kwilu river, there are many areas where crossing must be done by ferry or by dugout canoe.  Here a  Peace Corps Volunteer is on his way to visit the farmers he works with, on the other side of the Kwilu river. 

Bicycle transport The bicycle remains a popular means of transport.  As can be seen in this photo, this bicycle is being used to it's maximum capacity.    This man is transporting manioc roots to market.
Loading barrels of diesel fuel The fuel situation in Bandundu has been difficult for many years.  Fuel must be stored and transported in barrels.  Here barrels are being prepared for delivery to the interior of the province.
Truck crash on Kinshasa Kikwit road   The main road between Kinshasa and Kikwit has seriously deteriorated and accidents such as this one result from the bad state of the road.  This road is a major conduit for food to the capital and its continued degradation is aggravating  serious food supply problems for the city.

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