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Located 46.2km from Dili at the base of a small 34 house village.  On the south side of the road and above the dive site is a thorn tree with a locally made bench underneath it.  There is a makeshift turnout right after the tree when one or two vehicles can be parked.  
Entry  The entry is sometimes hard to find because there is quite a bit of grass growing between the road and the water.  Look carefully and you will find a path that fishermen use to get to the water.  Follow this path to the waters edge.  
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The entry to the site is rather rocky.  If the surge is bad or there is considerable wave action, you should consider another dive site as getting out here can be challenging and potentially dangerous with surge and waves.  Once in the water you can to the west where the gradual slope quickly gets steeper and changes into a wall.  On this wall there are lots of corals and animals.   
Points of interest On the rock wall you will find cup corals, and soft corals including lots of sea squirts.  This is a great place for a night dive where the wall lights up with the reds and oranges from the blooming polyps of nocturnal corals.  Small reef sharks and blue ribbon eels have been seen at this site. 
Topside  Directly to the East there is a pebble strewn beach good for taking strolls.  The area is close to the road and not very private, though. 
GPS reference S 08 28.833' - E 125  55.411'