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 41.2 KM
Entry   Relatively steep slope on sandy bottom.
UW profile  This site has a nice wall to 18-20 meters depth covered with soft coral, sea fans and sponges, Eastward the wall gradually becomes a nice slope covered in coral gardens with intermittent coral outcroppings.  
Points of interest The wall is a resting place for large Parrotfish at night.  Turtles have also been seen taking nocturnal refuge in the wall's nooks.  The wall is also home to a few old crusty Thorny Oysters. Also seen: Black tipped reef sharks, large scribbled leather jackets, lion fish, giant puffer and slipper lobsters.
Topside  A very nice picnic area with large shade trees.  Local youngsters charge $1 per person entry fee.   
GPS reference  S 08 28.583' - E 125 53.029'
Underwater images from Timor-Leste