A group of divers here in Timor-Leste have gotten together and created the Timor Divers Network. Its based around a mailing list and is intended to connect those of us that dive in Timor-Leste. The description of it is below, as well as the instructions for subscribing. We'd love to see you on the list.

Please feel free to forward this on to other divers that you know. The more divers that are on the list, the more effective it will be.



Statement of purpose

The purpose of the Timor Divers Network is to bring together those who enjoy scuba diving in Timor-Leste.  It has been started by a group of scuba divers living in Timor-Leste with the belief that through the exchange information and ideas among scuba divers we can make the sport more accessible and enjoyable for all, reinforce good practices among recreational divers and promote the sport in Timor-Leste.  The Network is based around an e-mail list and is an open, voluntary and free association of enthusiasts.

The Timor Divers Network supports:

  • Safe diving through proper certification and training.
  • Open and free exchange of information among divers.
  • Respect for the environment, local communities and the laws of Timor-Leste, particularly with regard to the protection of marine species and habitats.

Network content

It is envisaged that individual divers could use the Network for:

  • Finding dive buddies
  • Exchanging dive site information
  • Swapping equipment

Web Site

There is a web site in development, but it is not quite ready yet. You will get an e-mail when its ready. Please feel free to comment on the web site, offer suggestions, and to offer content through the mailing list.

The address for the site is: www.timordivers.net

Joining the Network

The Timor Divers Network can be joined by sending an e-mail addressed to:


Then, put the following line in the body (text area) of your message. You don't need to put in a subject.

     subscribe dive

You will then receive two replies, one of them a confirmation e-mail that will ask you to authenticate your subscription.  To authenticate, you should copy the authentication code into the body of a blank e-mail.  If your e-mail window is too small to fit the entire code, then you can put it on two lines, but you must put a backslash at the break.  For instance, if the authorization code is:

auth 061f4a1ed0e06d02a8f2ad5dce1ea419 subscribe dive joediver@mydomain.com

If  won't fit, or you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, then you need to break it into two lines using a backslash.  For example:

     auth 061f4a1ed0e06d01a8f2ad5dce1ea419 \         [note the space
     subscribe dive joediver@mydomain.com                before the backslash]

If you have problems, or this just seems like too much bother, then send an e-mail to the following address and and we'll take care of getting you subscribed:

Below are the guidelines for the list, please respect them:

--> Please keep your postings and comments related to Diving in Timor. The
    Timor Diverís Network is devoted to support of scuba diving in Timor
    Leste, to sharing news, tips, information and discussion about related

--> The Timor Divers Network would like to encourage discussion on topics of
    general interest, however, please conduct extended back and forth
    privately or in other forums. (The facilitators reserve the right to
    determine when a discussion has run its course.)

--> English is the primary language of the list. ** Occasional** time-urgent
    postings in other languages are ok when translation can not be done
    quickly. (Please try to provide an English language summary.)

--> Messages are not screened beforehand. Timor Divers Network is open and

--> Think before you post.  One of the main reasons people drop off lists is
    because of the volume of material, so avoid duplicate or trivial

--> Refrain from abusive language and attacks on individuals.

--> General nods of assent or vague expressions of disagreement don't add
    anything -- so avoid them. Non-specific criticism of postings is not
    helpful; confine any comment to specific differences with the facts or
    opinion of a posting. (Try to back your response with alternative facts
    and do not repeat the same point over and over.) Sarcasm and irony don't
    travel well cross-culturally; you are likely to be misunderstood. (Many
    items, especially news reports, are posted for informational purposes
    and may not reflect the views of the poster or anyone currently on the

--> If you wish to respond to the entire list, make sure that is in the 'To:' line of your reply message.

--> Avoid repeating the contents of previous postings. If you need to quote
    from an earlier posting, include only those parts to which you are
    directly responding (not the whole thing).

--> Confine your postings to text. Do not send graphics, formatted WEB
    pages, encoded attachments, binary files, or formatted word processor
    files. Not everyone can convert or read them. If you have a large file
    or graphic you want people to see, send a note with a pointer to a web
    or gopher site.