Location This site is located 55.4KM East of Dili. Jim's Crack named both after the split in a shallow concave wall and the diver who first thoroughly explored the site. The crack can be navigated by divers, but it is a tight swim and you risk damaging the underwater fauna. It is in fact best view from above snorkeling. The site is found
about 4km west of the Manatuto River, around an hour's drive from Dili, and has a vibrant community of sponges and soft coral with a wide selection of
nudibranchs often seen. Given its closeness to Manututo River, the site is regularly covered in sediment during the wet season, but it has been dived with reasonable 10 -15m visibility year-round. The "dusty" environment means that visibility at this site has never been spectacular, however, if
you look close you will find lots to keep you interested.               
Entry  It has the choice of an easy beach entry at all tides and natural "steps" cut through the western end of the wall that can be used at high tides. 
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  The wall has a depth of 10 -15m is suitable for
beginners. Off the wall, there is a 45 degree slope with many over hangs and small caves. The slope has lots to see for more advanced divers. The site has been dived to 35 meters, but does go deeper
on the point. Generally, the slope is dived on the way out to the depth that each diver feels comfortable. At the turn around point, you come up
the slope to the wall and work your way back to the entry. In case of low air, the top of the wall forms an even shelf that makes for a relatively quick emergency exit for its entire length.
Points of interest  Look seaward immediately upon entry as many divers have been "buzzed" by a curious and large mackerel who usually comes around to see
what all the noise is about. Those with spare air at the entry point on the western end of the wall can drift further west on a gentle current and examine a shallow under hang at 4-5m which makes a nice
decompression stop. Lionfish and bright small tropical fish are found there. The site has the usual cast of characters such as sharks, rays, turtles, barracuda with manta rays seen leaping in the bay and a giant Napoleon Wrasse sited of the point. Also seen:  Lion fish (various), nudibranchs (various), large coral fans.
Topside   A nice spot for picnics with several shade trees close to the entry point.  
GPS reference  S08 29.263 E125 58.511
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