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The site is located 47.1km East of Dili.  It is located in a small rock covered cove before a sharp turn in the road. 
Entry  Also known as "One tree" because there is one lone tree on the beach in this little cove.  The entry is a gradual slope at the beginning but quickly drops off.  No need for lots of walking or swimming at this site. 
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Once in the water you can gradually descend to the west where you will run into a big "field" of stag horn coral.  This species of stag horn coral is the bulbous round type and is home to many fish.  Groups of anthias like to hang out here.  In the top reaches of this patch of coral around 4-5 meters depth you can find an anemone city where what seem like hundreds of tomato anemonefish have come to live in their anemone homes. 
Points of interest Black tipped reef sharks, turtles, manta rays, napoleon wrasse, sea horse, stone fish.  This used to be the home of a giant tridacna clam an estimated1.3 meters long.  The clam has been killed and only the giant shell remains. 
Topside  There is limited shade and is not an optimal spot for picnics.
GPS reference  S 08 28.751' - E125 55.868'

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