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  37.2 KM East of Dili.  The beach is hard to miss after to come over the hill form Black Rock.  The white sand on the beach is quite striking.
Entry  Gradual slope with shallows for a good distance.
UW profile  A coral garden with lots of table corals in the 10m - 18m depth range.   
Points of interest On the West end of Dollar beach one can make an entry to Black Rock.  Beware of entering on the East end of Dollar Beach as divers have been known to be swept out to sea 300-400 meters with strong current.  Avoid diving the East end on a rising tide when you feel the current is already strong on entry.
Topside   Great place for picnics.   Some shade trees but one must go early on weekends to beat the rush.
GPS reference  S 08 28.701' - E125 50.833'

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