Location Second cove East of Christo Rei statue.  Take the beach road as if to Hera.  After coming down from the pass from Dili, there is a turnoff on the left.  Follow the coastal road back Westward.
Entry  Between the two large beaches East of Christo Rei is a small cove with a white sand beach.  There are run down cement steps from the road to the beach.  The entry is shallow for a long distance and may require some swimming or walking to get to deeper water.  
UW profile  Initially a gradual slope but which increases quickly.  Watch your depth gauge.  
Points of interest The slope is covered with interesting small coral formations marked by some brain and table coral. At 18-20 meters the slope drops off to the open ocean.   Schools of sardines can be seen swimming by.  There is a nice coral garden at 4-5 meters depth right off the point on the West side of the cove.
Topside  It is a steep descent to the beach where there is little to no shade.   A great place to picnic is the beach in the cove directly to the East. 
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Interesting Sightings
27-Apr-03 Jim Coy An impressive group of 20-30 bump-head parrotfish each 80-90cm in length, at 14-16m depth.
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