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~6KM East of Dili.  On the beach road almost to the end under the Christo Rei statue overlooking Dili. 
Entry  Halfway between the two entries to the parking lot for the Christo Rei statue climb there is a small tree with a rock step stone going to the beach.   The entry is characterized by a good distance of broken coral bottom marked by locally made rock-walled fish traps.  During low tide, one must walk quite some distance before reaching adequate depth.  
UW profile  The area is covered with light coral cover with small to medium coral formations. 
Points of interest To the East of the entry there is a resident Blue Moray eel in one of the coral formations. Also seen: Black tipped reef sharks, blue groper, blue spotted rays, very large slipper crab.
Topside  A popular Dili beach during the weekends with little shade apart from that given by small shrubby trees.  
GPS reference S 08? 31.446' - E125? 36.577'
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