Location 29.3km West of Dili.  Find the Indonesian military graveyard for Indonesian soldiers killed during the 24-year occupation and park near the piles of white rocks. 
Entry  The entry is straight out from the NW corner of the enclosure. Gradual entry on small rocks and sandy bottom.   
UW profile 


To the West there are coral gardens with brain coral formations.  To the East, the area is marked by a predominantly sandy bottom with large coral formations.  The sandy bottom is covered with small holes where hot water and gas caused by geothermal activity are escaping.  
Points of interest A large coral formation to the NE of the entry point holds several Moray eels.   The sandy area is often frequented by blue spotted rays. 
Topside  There are no trees near the entry point but 100 - 120 meters to the West there is a large tree with good cover.   
GPS reference S 08 34.589' - E125 22.094' 

Underwater images from Timor-Leste