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36.3KM East of Dili. The turn off for Black Rock is right before the small ridge which overlooks Dollar Beach.  Turn off the road and follow the tracks between the trees to the water.              
Entry  Black Rock is a beautiful dive, but can be very challenging if the currents pick up during the dive.  Consult the tide charts before you go. (See Tide Charts at left).  Avoid times when the tide is changing especially during neap tides.  Avoid diving here if the water looks as if it is "boiling".  There can be three different currents acting on this site at the same time, Northward, Eastward and Westward.

The most popular entry is on the East side of the rock in order to circle around the rock to the West and then back to the beach.  The first part of the entry is marked with a flat shelf of broken coral.  At low tide this can make for a bit of a walk before it starts to get deep.

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There is a wall to the East of the rock with depths up to 20+ meters.  There is a gradual decrease in depth going Eastward towards the rock.  Once around the rock and on the return to the beach, there is a nice coral garden ranging from 3-5 meters depth.  
Points of interest Two large cracks in the wall on the East side of Black rock hold many fish in small caves in the sides of the wall. Also seen: lobster, nudibranchs (various).
Topside  There are some shade trees near the water which can make for a nice picnic spot.
GPS reference  S 08? 28.809 E 125? 50.569
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