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Pweto: View from a hill

Here one can see the expansive nature of the town of Pweto, with a population of around 20,000. 
In the background is Lake Moero.
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Main street in Pweto  Main street, Pweto.  At one time a bustling commercial center with its own  MOBIL gas station, it has deteriorated with only 2-3 vehicles in the town.
Pweto waterfall

The natural source of water for the population of Pweto.  A local group "Maisha Mema" (Water for Life) has built a water distribution system which pipes water 5 kilometers from the source down to 11 distribution tanks in the town.

Water storage tank

One of Maisha Mema's water tanks.  They are managed by water monitors who turn the taps on 3 times a day.  This way there is no danger of leaving taps on and emptying the gravity feed water system

Lighting a lamp and putting it on a floating platform  Lake Moero is famous for its production of "ndakala"  a small minnow-like fish which reproduces fantastically in the lake.  Here a fisher man prepares a floating lamp which he will use to attract fish at night in order to then net them.   The fish are naturally attracted to moon-light and therefore mistake the lamps for the moon.
Pulling in the fishing net The fishermen place from 6-10 lamps on the water and periodically check them and then use a net to scoop the fish out from under the lamps.
The catch!! Here one can see the catch from one net scoop.  This procedure continues all night or until the boat is full of fish.
The fish before the frying pan

A portion of the catch on its way to the kitchen.  Fried in palm oil and served with lemon, an excellent dish.  The "ndakala" is dried on the sand and then put in large bags before transport to big centers in Zambia and Congo. 

Pweto airport: A cleared field
With weekly Missionary Aviation Fellowship flights, Lubumbashi - Pweto and back, the 10 day journey traveled by river and by road,  can be done by plane back to Lubumbashi in  3 hours.
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