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Welcome to Bombo-Lumene Game Reserve

Bombo-Lumene Game reserve is located 130 kilometers from Kinshasa on the road to Kikwit in the Bandundu Province.  The road has been recently paved and is in excellent condition.
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    Built in 1958 by a Belgian agricultural extension agentLiving room in the chalet stationed there, the rooms were finished with wood paneling, and the original fireplace, made from stone masonry, still stands in the living room.   The Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN) has equipped the chalet with all the amenities.  The only thing one has to bring, is food.   Cooking utensils, pots and pans are stocked in the kitchen.  Water, soap and towels are provided in the bathroom. 

   Not far from the chalet, a few shade trees provide shelter The gazebofrom the sun and a smallEucalyptus trees gazebo made from wood poles and thatch roof can harbor a barbeque party during a rain shower.

Rain gauge    The park guards record information on floraFan like parasitic plant on a tree and fauna in the reserve.


Bombo-Lumene reserve is located on the Plateau de Bateke which is covered predominantly by savanna grasslands.  View of the Congo River from the Bateke PlateauRivers have cut valleys through the savanna and provide water for the  forest galleries contained within.

The chalet is built on the plateau where it benefits from theView from the chalet porch winds that often blow across the savanna.  From the chalet porch one can often see plateau storm theatres.  With little obstacles to block the view, lighting bolts can be seen several kilometers away.     

Forest gallery of the Lumene riverTrails down from the plateau into the valleys are very steep.  Villagers often have toBateke Plateau


On the edge of the forest gallery, the Bombo Lumene parkForest gazebo A walk in the foreststaff have built some small gazebos.  Here one

A short walk away, on the trail in the forest, one can sit on aLumene river rapids Bamboo bench at the rapidsbamboo bench


Lumene river crossingThe vine bridgeIn order to cross the Lumene river the park staff has built a traditional vine bridge.  

Looking upstream on the LumeneOne can fish for the renown "Mbenga" or Tiger fish.  Sport fishermen enjoy fishing for the tiger fish because it is a fierce fighter. 


Coming out of the forest galleryView of the hill where the chalet is located

Not far from the vine bridge one can walk out into a small grassy clearing where a natural pond can be found.  

This pond is often visited by antelope and water buffalo.  The trail to the pondThe pond and watering hole for antelopes and buffaloes



Located not far from Kinshasa is the Park of the Nsele.  Created The Nsele rivernear the mouth of the Nsele River and next to theMalebo palms in a clearing Congo river, this park offers great picnic facilities and was once the site of a relatively large zoo.  One can find the "Malebo" palm tree on the grounds.  It is after this palm tree that the Malebo Pool, the  wide area in the Congo river between Brazzaville and Kinshasa, was named.