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Learn about home construction, and preparation of the common dish "Kikanda" and drink "Munkoyo"  in 
Take a trip on the Luapula river.  Start out in the town of Kasenga, visit the village of Kashobwe along the way and finally arrive in the town of Pweto on the northern bank of Lake Moero. 
Click the " Luapula Trip" button below.
Barge on the Luapula: A floating village
A barge on the Luapula river on the southeastern border of Katanga with Zambia. 
These boats are like floating villages with restaurant areas, shops and bars on board.
Visit the art studios of some of the province's finest Malachite and Copper artists.  The tour includes a brief introduction on the techniques used to produce the art as well as a few examples of the finished products. 
Click on the "Katanga Art" button below to start the tour. 
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