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Approaching Kashobwe on the Luapula

A typical scene on the Luapula river.  Fishing villages are built on the banks, some inaccessible by road.  The communities in these villages travel exclusively by dug out canoes.
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Commercial barge on the Luapula  Barges such as this one are frequently seen going up and down the river.  A dug out canoe follows the barge in order to sell the passengers fresh vegetables and meat.  These barges represent a means of commerce for the villager living on the banks of the river.
Flooded house on the banks of the Luapula The floods associated with the El Niņo phenomenon caused some serious problems for those living on the banks of the river.  Here a house can bee seen half in the water.  Corn production also suffered as fields were flooded during the same period.
Kashobwe schoolhouse A Kashobwe school house built by the community with help from the local catholic mission who provided some of the construction materials. 
Rural clinic in Kashobwe  The community health center in Kashobwe after being hit by a hurricane.   The old roofing material made from a cement based substance shattered as it hit the ground.  The community has been able to repair the damage with the assistance of  Medecins Sans Frontieres and the US Agency for International Development.
Rehabilitated clinic in Kashobwe  The repaired health center has become very popular now that all its rooms are in functioning order.
On the river towards Pweto
Back on the boat on the way to Pweto on Lake Moero.  Go back one page and click on the blue button labeled "Pweto" on the map to continue on the journey.
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