The voyage begins on the banks of the Lukula river. 
Here in Kimbili, kids where having fun bathing.
Lukula river limo Dug-out canoes ("pirogues") are the most common means to get across the river.  This one is a limousine equivalent with chairs in it, to ensure passenger comfort.   
Paddling across the Lukula The canoe man uses a long paddle to get across.   In order to get to a specific point on the other side, the canoe man must start crossing well upstream so as to compensate for the strong current.   
The banks for the Lukula  The view from halfway across the Lukula.
Paddling through the forest  In some parts, the banks of the Lukula are heavily forested.  These areas are favorite hiding spots for fish and other animals. 
Mokamo palm oil processing plant The old Mokamo palm oil factory can be found on the banks of the Lukula.  When the river was navigable to Kinshasa, the palm oil was transported by boat to the capital. 
Mature plam trees The original palm trees planted on the factory plantation have reached the age of 45 and are beyond their peak oil production years.  
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