Lan Rover on bad road
The roads in the Putubongo area are maintained primarily by 
the local palm oil processing plants.  

Washed out sandy road

Soils in Bandundu are primarily sandy.  It is therefore not rare to see washed out roads when traveling in the province.  Erosion is a serious problem for the road network in the province and throughout the country.

Group of kids

The welcoming committee in Putubongo, not far from the Gobari river.   This group of kids were in the process of cracking palm kernels to sell to the palm oil factory in the town.  The factory then transports the kernels to Bilili on the Kwilu river to be pressed for palm kernel oil.  The oil is then transported by barge to Kinshasa.

Coffee beans drying on racks

Coffee is grown in many of Congo's provinces.  Farmers are expanding their coffee plantations in the Putubongo area. 

Metal bridge over the Gobari river

Palm oil factories not only maintain roads but repair bridges in order to better reach palm nut cutters from whom they buy the palm fruit for their processing plants.  

Road maintenance crew

 Here is a palm processing firm's road crew at work on a road leading to a crossing on the Gobari River between Mokamo and Bilili.

Old Gobari river ferry

 An old ferry on the banks of the Gobari which allowed for a direct link between Mokamo and Bilili.  The palm oil processing firm in the area is in the process of building a bridge in order to transport their oil more efficiently.   

Crossing the Gobari

The only way to cross this spot on the Gobari river is by dug out canoe ("pirogue"). 
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