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Kwilu River
The Kwilu River flows from south to north, is a tributary of the Kasai River which in turn, feeds into the Congo River. 
Kikwit, the economic center of the Bandundu Province is located on the banks of the Kwilu, around 600 km east of Kinshasa.

        The Bandundu province is characterized by savannah covered plateaus which are cut by streams and rivers.  All along the waterways one finds pockets of thick forest.    The sight you see in the picture above is a typical sight when traveling within the region.   Rivers are crossed using ferries and dug-out canoes.  Most villages are located on the plateaus and villagers travel daily, down into the valleys to farm the rich soils in the forest.   Slash and burn agriculture is practiced, where the forest is cleared and burned in order to plant fields.  Main crops include manioc (cassava), maize, squash, and beans.    Chickens, ducks,  goats, sheep and cattle are raised for meat.   The diet is also supplemented by wild game and fish.

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