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Jump in the Land Rover for an eye-opening safari experience!!
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chinz.jpg (56661 bytes) chinzad.jpg (4982 bytes)The Chinzombo Lodge is a great place to hang your hat between safaris.  The staff is experienced in leading walking and vehicle safaris.  After working up and appetite in the bush, you come back to exquisite meals prepared by expert chefs.  
zeb.jpg (27713 bytes)    While on a Chinzombo vehicle safari, the animals seem but an arm's length away.  Here, these zebra were taken with a camera without a zoom lens.

eles.jpg (21214 bytes)   If you like elephants, South Luangwa is the place to go.  The Lodge staff are in continuous contact with the park authorities and other safari staff in order to have an idea on the location of the large game in the park.   That way you are assured a great safari every time.


stree.jpg (56828 bytes)Walking safaris are also offered. Experts take you out on foot where you learn much more than you could in a vehicle.  In this picture, the group walks by a "sausage tree", the fruit of the tree are eaten by animals in the park.  You can learn the answers to questions like, "Why do Tamarind trees seem to grow mostly on termite mounds?"  Answer: Baboons love to eat Tamarind fruit and use termite mounds as look-out spots for predators, the seeds get eaten with the fruit and the gastro-intestinal tract does the rest.


dumbo2.jpg (14782 bytes)  The driving safaris allow the visitor to get close enough to watch a mother elephant and her baby as they rejoin their group. 


liones.jpg (21141 bytes)Night safaris allow you to see the world of the nocturnal animals.  Stop but meters away from lionesses during a hunt.  The safari guides turn off the spot light and the warning cries of the gazelle and antelope can be heard in the night.


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Walking safaris can take you along the edge of the Luangwa river to observe groups of hippos and crocodiles floating in the cool comfort of the water.



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Don't let the Land Rover leave without you!!!  Click on the Chinzombo Lodge banner above to contact the staff and organize your next safari.