Dakar : City center



1. Marche Sandaga - The place to get art objects including sculpture, leather work, paintings.  One can also find very nice cloth called "Bazin".  It is a cotton cloth with patterns woven into the cloth and often tie-dyed in many colors.   Watch your wallets and purses while in the market otherwise the sellers are very friendly and helpful.

2. Avenue Pompidou - This and Avenue Sarraut are the main   commercial streets in the center of Dakar.  Not far from Place de L'independence, on Pompidou,  is the restaurant "La Palmeraie" which offers great Belgiain style cooking at reasonable prices.   On the other side of the street, is a cafe called "Le Ponty" where one can sip on a coffe or a beer and surf the net at the same time.

3. Place de l'Independance - A central landmark and site of many travel comapnies and major airline offices.  One can also find a number of banks around the place, some of which allow for credit card cash advances.  There is a great book store facing the northwest corner of the square.

4. Marche Kermel - A market offering local fruits and vegetables 

5. Corniche Est - This area is very scenic and is the location of several nice hotels.  The images below were taken from the SAVANA hotel.  Quite expensive but good food.  The rooms could use some renovating (as of 2/2201) and are expensive but comfortable. 

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View of the Corniche Est Fishing dock Beach at Savana Hotel
A fishing boat with Dakar in the background as seen from Savana Hotel The Savana Hotel boat dock where fishing trips are launched. The beach at Savana hotel.