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The Atlas Gym is the location for the Judo club

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The sensei of the club, M. Fuasoni Bukasa has been providing guidance since 1993.  The club has 15 members of which 9 are boys and 6 girls. The club is number one at the provincial level.  At the national level, the club competed and came out as number two in the country with two gold medals, and three bronze. 

The proficiency level of the club members are as follows:

Sensei Bukasa is 3rd dan, 3 members are brown belt, four are blue, three green, two orange, and two yellow.  Four of the Lubumbashi Atlas club members are in the National "Simba" team. 

Sensei Marcel and Sensei Bukasa pictured at left
  • Difficulties:  the club has no financial sponsors which makes traveling to both national and international competitions very difficult.   Lack of contact with other clubs makes getting documentation and reference materials on martial arts impossible.   Proper equipment (tatami, physical conditioning materials, books, etc..) is very hard to come by and locally made judogis are not sturdy enough to hold up to the rigorous workouts.  


  • Wishes:   the Atlas club is looking for sponsors to facilitate contact with other clubs at the international level.  The club must rent space only once a week in the Atlas Gym for their activities.  They do not have the means to rent their own  dojo.

Donations in equipment and/or books can be sent to:
Atlas Judo Club
c/o Tom Ryder
United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 11237
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Tresor (white belt) and
Manya (green belt) 

The Atlas Judo club in full training session.

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